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Saw Systimber beam solid wood - Systimber demo

1. Saw the Systimber beams

  • Systimber-beams are adjusted on site and can be connected in a masonry way or a grid.
  • A special ruler profile can be screwed to the cross-cut saw /miter saw. This ensures the accuracy when the beams are shortened – the cut is exactly in the middle of two grid holes.
  • The width of the cut is 4mm and equals the cross-cut side when building in a masonry way. These can be finished airtight with an elastic kit.
  • Assembly is self-explanatory and simple, as it only has two components.

2. Anchor the Systimber beams

  • The anchors or brackets allow the profiles to float at a chosen distance above the concrete floor.
  • The junction should be sealed on the inside with a foam tape or sealant. On the outside, this should be finished with shrinkproof mortar.
  • The corner brackets/anchors can be attached using standard tools (screwdriver or drill).
Anchor the Systimber beam - solid wood
Assemble Systimber beams - solid wood

3. Assemble the Systimber beams

  • Flexible double EPDM seals between the beams keep the unit airtight and watertight.
  • The fixings and anchors are invisible.

4. Tighten the bolts

  • Systimber-beams are connected according to a dimensionally stable system using crossing steel rods, comprising Systimber® bolts screwed together.
  • De Systimber®-bolts are tightened using standard tools (screwdriver or drill).
  • The cumulative length of the Systimber® bolts holds the overall length of the assembled building boards stable, whereas each beam separately is free to shrink and swell according to the humidity.
Tighten the Systimber solid wood beams with bolts.
Systimber demo construction - solid wood

Systimber = easy and fast construction

  • Two people, with standard hand tools and a Dewalt-style cross-cut saw can assemble 100m² per day or build a complete housing unit within the space of a week.
  • All types of additional insulation and finishes are feasible but not immediately required.
  • Systimber can be deconstructed and rebuilt repeatedly without any damage.

“Two people with standard hand tools and a cross-cut saw can assemble 100m² Systimber per day “

Systimber: 2 onderdelen - massief hout en afstandshouder

Systimber assets for woodworker and owner

  • No prefabrication = no intricate preparation => onsite adjustment
  • Multifunctional standard element for floors, walls and roofs.
  • Stable and sturdy load-bearing wall, roof and floor components
  • No immediate finish required on the inside nor on the outside
  • Simple crane-free assembly and construction.
  • For new buildings and renovations.
  • Compact transport volume and light weight ( 14kg )
  • More affordable than bricks, concrete or framing.
  • Hidden connections and anchors
  • 10% more usable surface
  • Insulated and compact.
  • Dry and reusable construction.
  • Ecological
  • Healthy and sustainable
  • Water- and airtight

Systimber = Simple assembly

  • Simple assembly of airtight and waterproof walls, floor and roofs with only two components: a solid wood beam and a Systimber bolt.
  • Systimber is invented and patented in Belgium.
  • Central information and support service via www.systimber.com
  • Manufactured under licence by Zonnehoeve VZW.
  • Exclusively distributed through approved timber traders
3D Systimber solid wood construction system