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Verankeren Systimber balk massief hout - Systimber demo


Secure the Systimber beams to the floor, using a simple angle bracket.
Opspannen Systimber balk massief hout - Systimber demo


The Systimber-bolts tighten the beams together to a solid shape.
EPDM dichting Systimber balk massief hout

Water- and airtight

Hidden double Systimber EPDM-seals ensure that all connections are airtight and watertight.
Monteren Systimber balk massief hout - Systimber demo

Self supporting construction

Self supporting walls, ceilings, floors and roofs with unlimited lengths or widths.

“Systimber: solid wood walls, floors and roofs.

Hard-wearing, finished and light.”

Systimber: 2 parts: massive wood and bolt.

Systimber: solid wood construction

  • Ecological conversion and building system using a solid wood basic material for the care-free assembly of finished load-bearing wallboards, roof slabs and flooring with hardly any preparation.
  • Kiln-dried pinewood. Vacuum coated. Systimber beams are provided with 150mm series boring and two longitudinal EPDM seals.
  • The non-warping items are cut to the right shape onsite and connected according to a dimensionally stable system using crossing steel rods, comprising Systimber® bolts screwed together.
  • The cumulative length of the Systimber® bolts holds the overall length of the assembled building boards stable, whereas each beam separately is free to shrink and swell according to the humidity.
  • Double EPDM flexible seals between the beams keep the unit airtight and waterproof.
  • The fixings and anchors are invisible. All types of additional insulation and finishes are feasible but not immediately required.
  • Systimber can be deconstructed and rebuilt with ease and without damage whatsoever.

Systimber solid wood beams with double EPDM seals guarantee an airtight and waterproof construction.

The delivery

  • The weatherproof packed beams with corresponding bolts and anchors are delivered onsite.
  • All anchor brackets are included.
  • A special ruler profile can be screwed to the cross-cut saw /miter saw. This ensures the accuracy when the beams are shortened – the cut is exactly in the middle of two grid holes.
  • A manual with assembly instructions.
  • Beams are Kiln-dried pinewood. Vacuum coated. Provided with 150 mm series boring. Other wood or finishes are possible on request.
  • Type S60 = 288 running meter or 43,2 m2 in a pallet.
  • Type S80 = 204 running meter or 30,6 m2 in a pallet.


S60 (left): Seal remains visible after assembly.

S80 (right): Double EPDM foam seal concealed in a tong and groove joint

Systimber: delivery - solid wood construction system.

Available colours

Systimber: kleuren - massief hout